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Did you know photography is one of the main deciding factors for renters when booking a vehicle on evee?

Photos are extremely important in creating a successful listing, as they entice and excite customers to browse your profile and book your car.

How are photos displayed on evee car listings?

Your car listing page will display a “grid” of 3 or 5 photos. The first photo is called the cover photo (# 1 below). This is the image that appears in the search results.

The rest are gallery photos (#2 below). You must have at least 3 photos uploaded in order for them to appear in a grid layout. You are allowed up to 12 photos on your listing.

Top tips to make your car listing photos stand out:

1. A clean car is a must

Please ensure your car is looking its absolute best when taking photos for your listing. Try to take photos after it’s been freshly washed and the interior has been cleaned.

Don’t forget to clear any clutter you may have inside the car.

2. Take photos at the right time of day

One of the most common mistakes people make when shooting cars is heading out in the middle of the day, when lighting is harsh and unflattering. We recommend shooting a few minutes after sunset or a few minutes before sunrise, as the lighting is soft and there is no direct sun. A few hours after sunrise or a few hours before sunset (the golden hours) also work well too.

Be sure to look out for reflections, including your own!

3. Include a variety of shots

Make sure your photos don’t look too similar. A variety of shots is preferable, including different angles and perspectives, inside and outside the car, the car at a scenic location and even someone driving the car. This allows renters to view your car in a number of different scenarios.

The photos should also include a variety of composition types. For example, wide photos can help people understand the size of the car, mid-range images can give renters a sense of the finer details of the car and close-up photos highlight the personality and unique features the car has to offer.

4. Choose your backgrounds and surfaces carefully

The background of images cannot be underestimated, as they have the potential to make or break a shot. When going out to shoot, park in an open area – it’s harder to take good photos if your car is in a garage or tight parking space.

A good background should emphasise the main object, be non-distracting and the colours should complement the car. Avoid background objects such as bins, other cars, power lines etc where possible.

Also, only photograph your car on surfaces that it would commonly be driven on. Although parking it on grass might seem like a good idea, it’s not where cars are usually driven on. Do not include photos in restricted driving areas, such as racing tracks, beaches, river crossings and other off road locations.

5. Avoid text over images

Photos can not have text or images (e.g. logos) overlaid on the image.

6. Always go with natural colours

No black and white, and no heavy filters.

7. Post individual images, not a collage of several photos

8. Make sure photos aren’t blurry, stretched, or distorted

The minimum resolution size is 720 x 480 at 72dpi.

Recommendations for your Host photo

All Hosts are required to upload a profile picture to their evee account, and when renters are browsing through car listings, Host profile pictures allow them to put a face to the name. It’s essential to use your profile picture to make a good first impression and emulate that you are friendly, helpful and trustworthy.

When choosing a profile picture, use a photo that shows you smiling directly at the camera and ensure that it is clear and has good lighting.

Finally, if you’d like to get your car professionally photographed, get in touch with us at and we will facilitate a shoot.

Happy hosting!