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evee and EV Stealth are thrilled to announce a collaboration that will revolutionise the way we explore the world with electric vehicles. evee (Australia’s premier car sharing platform) and EV Stealth (leaders in EV towing solutions) are both dedicated to promoting sustainable transport and electric mobility through their platforms. Together they fill a gap in the market, providing towbar-equipped electric cars for rent.

The Benefits of Renting Out Your Towbar-Equipped EV

EV Stealth sources the highest quality products from around the world and also manufactures right here in Australia, in accordance with local certification standards. Equipping your EV with one of their tow bars and renting it out on evee can have many benefits, including:

1. Earn Extra Income
Think about it, where else can you hire an EV with a tow bar? Renters want choices and to enjoy a full range of car activities, but electric cars are still fairly new and sometimes the options are limited. If your evee listing includes a tow bar, you’ll set yourself apart from the pack with this value add, which will generate more bookings. EV Stealth purchases are also tax deductible.

2. Expand the EV experience
People who rent electric cars have towing needs the same as everyone else, whether it’s for small trailers, bike racks or other accessories. You can provide the service that enables them to continue with the lifestyle choices they value, like biking with the family and going on adventures, or transporting goods. You’ll also help dispel the misinformation around electric vehicle capabilities.

3. Positive Environmental Impact
Encouraging EV towing through evee rental cars will help reduce the reliance on traditional fossil fuel powered vehicles for hauling, which has a positive impact on the planet.

Renting out a towbar-equipped electric car on evee is easy:

1. Sign Up: Visit evee and create your Host account.

2. List Your Vehicle: Fill in the details of your electric vehicle, selecting Tow bar (under Features). If you haven’t got a tow bar yet, you can buy one from the EV Stealth shop.

3. Start Hosting: Once your listing is complete, you’re all set to start earning and offering EV towing solutions!

Thank you for being part of our mission to accelerate the EV transition, by expanding the EV experience. Together we can drive positive change and a future of sustainable mobility!