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Today we want to introduce you to one of our WA hosts Pete, a long time EV-enthusiast and one of the first owners to complete a trip around Australia in a Tesla Model Y (read about it here).

With three different cars on the platform, here’s what Pete had to say about hosting on evee:

“I’ve been lending our electric vehicles (EVs) to family and friends for years, but when friends of friends (and their friends) started wanting to borrow our Teslas, I knew I needed to start charging to recoup my cleaning expenses and other costs. I also knew I needed to implement a structured system that included insurance, driver vetting, rental agreements, and more. Initially, I was hesitant about letting the public rent our Teslas, but I had heard good things about the evee platform, so I decided to give it a try. It turns out, I didn’t need to worry. All of my renters have been great people who took good care of the cars.

Since I got my first Model 3 in 2019, I’ve always loved introducing my friends to these amazing cars. Listing our cars on evee has allowed me to reach a wider range of people, including seasoned Tesla drivers, people curious about EVs, or those who may have had an EV booked for them as a Christmas or birthday gift. There are also those in the market for a new car. Some of these people may have heard and read conflicting information about EVs, but by renting a Tesla through Evee, they can make their own informed decision after experiencing the car for themselves.

Whether it’s just for a day or two or a few weeks, nothing beats getting to know a Tesla in your own good time. This way, you can learn about EV charging, the car’s range, practicality, and convenience, and see how it fits with your lifestyle and personal circumstances. It makes sense to make your own decision rather than risking regret by relying on others’ opinions, no matter how well-intentioned they may be.”

Rent one of Pete’s electric cars here.