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Get the whole family’s Christmas presents sorted this year with an evee gift card, so they can choose the EV that suits them best (or read on for inspiration).

‘Hubby’ – Tesla Model X

Gift Hubby the Christmas wish he’s always wanted with a day in a Tesla Model X. The futuristic car, with its falcon-winged doors and Smart Summon feature, is sure to make your boyfriend’s childhood dreams come true. He’ll love being the envy of all the lads, driving around in the Tesla that never fails to turn heads. And we think you’ll win a few ‘girlfriend brownie points’ along the way!

‘The Missus’ – Tesla Model 3

Who said boys get to have all the fun? Get the missus on board this year and let her take the wheel with Tesla’s classic Model 3. The sleek car is sure to get her stoke on, with self-driving capabilities, a top-of-the-line touch screen and entertainment system, as well as voice-activated commands. With even more fun features to discover and a smooth driving experience, we’re sure it’ll be an electric adventure she’ll never forget.

Dad – Tesla Model Y

We know Dad likes to stay ahead of the curve, which is why Tesla’s Model Y is the perfect fit for him. The newest model from Tesla comes with state-of-the-art tech and gadgets, including Autopilot, Sentry mode, and app-based controls. And as a midsized SUV, he’ll be able to drive the whole family around – we’re sure he’ll love that!

Mum – Polestar 2

Mum shouldn’t have to choose between either driving around a ‘soccer mum’ car or a Range Rover – break the norm this Christmas and gift Mum a ride in a Polestar 2. This sleek-looking SUV is the perfect mix of performance and practicality, equipped with an impressive audio system, futuristic tech, and a lush interior – we have a feeling Mum will want to experience this one all by herself.

Sister – Mini Cooper SE

We’re sure your sister will love cruising around this summer in a Mini Cooper SE. The chic electric car comes with all the trimmings, including leather sports seats, a large 8.8 inch touchscreen, wireless Apple CarPlay, adaptive cruise control, and panoramic sunroof, so she can look and feel great picking up her coffee before a day at the beach.  

There’s an electric car for everyone in the family and an evee gift card is the perfect way to let them experience it – make Christmas easy this year and pick some up for the loved ones in your life.