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The transport sector is indispensable to our way of life. However, it poses one of the largest threats to environmental health, being responsible for 20% of global carbon emissions (with an overwhelming majority of this fifth attributed to petrol-guzzling cars). So what can we do about it? How can we maintain our current lifestyles without compromising the health of the planet and our future? The answer is electric. With more electric vehicle (EV) models being brought to the Australian market and record sales numbers, the electric revolution has already begun. Here’s why you should join and make an EV your next car.

EVs are Better for the Environment

The most frequently touted benefit of a battery electric car is its lessened impact on the environment compared to an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle, as driving the former helps significantly reduce our emissions.

In Australia, the transport sector makes up 18% of our total greenhouse gas emissions, the second largest source in the country. If we focus on cars specifically, it’s about 8%. New ICE vehicles produce approximately 185g CO2/km on average, whereas a new electric vehicle is only accountable for 98g CO2/km (charged from the current electrical grid), a 47% reduction in carbon emissions. As the country moves away from dirty sources of energy (or if you use your own solar power to charge), this figure can be even greater or emissions reduced right down to zero.

As it stands, electric vehicles are an attractive alternative for environmentally-conscious consumers and when paired with sustainable sources of energy for charging, an even more appealing offering. They will also play a crucial role in achieving Australia’s net zero by 2050 target.

EVs Are Less Expensive Than Petrol Cars

A brand new electric car might be more expensive than a new ICE vehicle, however this is the only financial point against EVs as in all other respects they are cheaper to own.

For starters, the maintenance is far simpler and running costs much lower – there are less moving parts in an EV and little to no servicing costs due to the lack of expensive exhaust systems, starter motors and radiators, which can save you thousands over the lifetime of a vehicle.

Where you can really expect to stack up the savings though is through charging. With petrol prices pushing past $2 per litre, many Australians will find themselves forking out more than $2,000 to fuel up their car every year. Electric vehicles can be charged for a fraction of this cost at an equivalent $0.20 per litre, which will be even cheaper if you power your home with solar. And these savings add up, totalling more than $20,000 over the lifetime of the vehicle.  So while the upfront cost might be greater, the low running costs mean you fare better over time.

Where Does evee Come In?

Electric vehicles are better for the environment and your wallet, but despite all the many benefits they have yet to become wholly accessible in the market. The large upfront costs can be a barrier or deterrent for consumers and if you’re going to be investing that much money into a car, you want to make sure it’s the right one first. Instead of a hurried test drive at the showroom, give yourself a proper chance to experience your next car before buying with a rental from evee, Australia’s only 100% electric car sharing platform.

Prospective buyers are spoilt for choice with over 140 different electric cars available to rent across the country, with competitive rates and the latest models, including the Tesla Model Y. And the best part is that you are renting directly from an EV owner, so you’ll get a rundown from the people that know the most. Take your time with an evee rental and get a genuine glimpse into what life with an EV would be like – you won’t look back.

evee is an all electric car sharing platform, accelerating the transition to electric vehicles to support a cleaner future for all.