Insurance on evee Australia

Rules to keep us all safe and secure

Insurance for Renters

evee is a holder of a group motor vehicle insurance policy. All vehicles rented from evee will be covered under this policy. Subject to the policy wording, the policy provides renters with cover for legal liability to third parties as a result of an accident.

See more information on evee’s group insurance policy here.

Driver age restrictions

There are driver age restrictions, such as 25+ for standard vehicles and 30+ for premium and performance vehicles. We do not charge a fee to add an extra driver but there is a limit to three drivers for every rental. All drivers must be verified through the evee platform.

Your responsibilities

We know things happen, so if you are early to pick up or running late to return the car, get in contact with the Host via the platform or SMS to let them know. This way you can ensure your insurance will cover any extra time even if a late return fee is applied. If you do not contact the Host, you risk not being covered by insurance.

If you are involved in an accident, contact the Host immediately. Make sure you get all the details of the other parties involved and take photos of the damage just like you would if you had an accident in your own vehicle.

Rental damage liability

Your damage liability is the maximum out-of-pocket amount you have to pay in case of an accident, provided you are not in breach of the rental terms at the time of the loss. Damage liability should not be confused with insurance excess. It also includes other fees and charges associated with processing and managing a claim.

Damage liability varies, influenced by the vehicle’s type, age, and market value, among other considerations. For transparency and ease, the specific damage liability for each vehicle is clearly listed on its respective page, so both renters and hosts are informed prior to booking.

Reduce your damage liability with evee Protect

evee Protect is designed to make your rental experience even more worry-free. Opting for evee Protect means that if any accidental damage occurs during your rental, your damage liability would be reduced to $0, as long as the damage wasn’t intentional or due to reckless behaviour. Terms and conditions apply.

How it works:
  • It’s available for purchase before your rental starts, directly through our platform.
  • The fee for evee Protect is clearly stated upfront, and should any changes to your booking occur, we’ll adjust the fee accordingly.
  • In case you cancel your booking before the start, you’ll receive a full refund of the evee Protect fee.

evee Protect aims to provide you extra security, not to waive all liabilities. It’s about adding an extra layer of assurance to your journey with us, making sure accidental mishaps don’t spoil your rental experience.

Security deposit

A security deposit is authorised on a renter’s card 24 hours before the booking starts and is released 48 hours after the end of the rental, unless new damage is reported to the car. It can take a few more days for it to drop from your account depending on your bank. The security deposit amount varies depending on the type of vehicle and is displayed on the ad for each rental vehicle.

Rent an electric car as a surprise gift

Rent a Tesla or an electric car as an amazing experience and a surprise gift for someone. Just book as normal, and let us know. Add the driver’s details to the evee platform and make sure they are fully verified before they get behind the wheel so they are covered by insurance.

Use an evee vehicle as an accident replacement car

Get in touch with evee when you need an accident replacement car for hire while yours is being repaired. We can supply a quote to send to your insurer for pre-approval. Once it is pre-approved, evee organises an accident replacement Tesla hire car. You then claim the cost through your insurer for reimbursement of the rental rate.

Insurance for Hosts

How it works

evee provides rental-only insurance for your vehicle, allowing you to list your electric vehicle under your own private insurance policy while providing comprehensive coverage during rentals through evee. This insurance approach enables you to choose your preferred insurer for when the vehicle isn’t on rent thereby providing a great level of flexibility.

We continue to work with our trusted insurance partners to offer this programme, which is backed by a local Australian APRA-rated insurer, to give you peace of mind that your electric vehicle is properly protected.

As a host, you do not need to switch policies to be protected when sharing through evee.

It is important to note, that insurance is offered based on the type and market value of your car, not agreed value.

You are protected as long as you are an owner or an Authorised operator of the vehicle, do not breach our platform terms of use and do not accept payments outside of the evee platform.

We do not provide insurance products or advice. However, we are able to refer all owners to our insurance provider, Nsure Pty Ltd t/as Nsure General Insurance Advisors | CAR 329019 | ACN 125 953 273 Corporate Authorised Representative of National Adviser Services Pty Ltd t/as Community Broker Network | AFSL 233750 | ACN 096 916 184 for insurance product advice.

Where the renter chooses to allow an unauthorised driver to drive your car and they are involved in an accident, your insurance still covers you for damage to your car. And if it is stolen or written off, the underwriter appoints an independent assessor to work out the market value based on the vehicle’s age, mileage, options, modifications, condition and sales rates of comparable vehicles on the market. However, you cannot claim lost income under this policy.

Accident replacement vehicles

evee’s insurer will provide an accident replacement vehicle up to $2,500 in total for owners on our platform for accidents renters deemed ‘faultless’ under the policy.

Our insurer would determine an accident as not-at-fault if the details of the “at-fault” third parties are obtained, such as their registration number & state, driver licence, name and address and contact number.

If damage was incurred during a rental where our insurer deems the renter was at fault, evee will provide evee credit to use for a similar replacement vehicle for up to $2,500 for the period the vehicle is off the road.

This benefit is activated for vehicles which require repair of more than 48 hours off the road, during which time you can elect to receive a replacement vehicle.

In either case we will aim to source a replacement vehicle of similar type from the evee fleet, and you can elect to start the replacement vehicle at a time of your choosing.

Insurance for Commercial Hosts

Commercial Hosts are independent hosts or companies who offer renters their own commercial liability rental insurance – not a protection plan via evee. You may pay Commercial Hosts directly for some costs. This is the only time it’s OK to pay a host outside the evee platform.

There is no insurance, physical damage protection, roadside assistance or dispute resolution provided by evee or its insurers for the trips booked with Commercial Hosts. The Commercial partner may offer you liability insurance or physical damage protection outside of evee for a fee after you book.

If an owner provides their own rental insurance on any vehicle associated with their account, all of their vehicles will automatically be opted into owner-provided insurance and covered exclusively by their own insurance.

Information for all parties

Secure online verification and payment system

We have created an online verification and payment system designed to keep you safe. We use identity, information and security authentications including:

  • Safe online payments via Stripe
  • Credit card, phone, email and social media checks
  • Biometric ID verification via Stripe Identity
  • Security deposit authorisation
  • Driving history checks
  • Online rating system
Digital vehicle condition reports

We are green all the way and that includes keeping paperwork to a minimum using digital vehicle condition reports. Complete a condition report at the start and end of every rental, to reduce the chance of disputes and keep the process paper free.

Legally binding agreements

by using the evee platform, hosts and renters agree to the terms, which confirm everyone’s rights, responsibilities and obligations. Read more about our Terms and Conditions.

Insurance Disclosure Statement
Group Motor Vehicle Insurance Information
  1. Evee Australia Pty Ltd (evee) is a Group Purchasing Body (pursuant to the ASIC Corporations (Group Purchasing Bodies) Instrument 2018/751) of a group motor vehicle insurance policy (Group Policy) administered through Nsure Pty Ltd t/as Nsure General Insurance Advisors | CAR 329019 | ACN 125 953 273 Corporate Authorised Representative of National Adviser Services Pty Ltd t/as Community Broker Network | AFSL 233750 | ACN 096 916 184.
  2. Subject to the policy wording, the Group Policy covers:
    1. Car owners for loss or damage to the vehicle occurring during the period of insurance up to an agreed amount;
    2. Car owners, authorised drivers and passengers, employers and principals for their legal liability to pay compensation to third parties for loss, damage or loss of use of someone else’s property as a result of an accident arising out of the use of the vehicle; and
    3. Additional benefits agreed upon between evee and Nsure Pty Ltd. Please read the policy wording for further details on additional benefits provided.

evee does not provide any insurance products or advice and does not hold an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL). All owners and renters will be referred to evee’s insurance provider, Nsure Pty Ltd t/as Nsure General Insurance Advisors | CAR 329019 | ACN 125 953 273 Corporate Authorised Representative of National Adviser Services Pty Ltd t/as Community Broker Network | AFSL 233750 | ACN 096 916 184 for insurance product advice. You should consider obtaining your own financial product advice about the product.

  1. The Group Policy, subject to its terms, covers owners during the period shown on their Certificate of Insurance and covers renters during the period of their rental through evee. evee will inform you if it is expected that the Group Policy:
    1. may not cover you for the period represented above; or
    2. if the Group Policy is or likely to be cancelled or not renewed unless we believe that substantially similar cover will apply under another risk management product.

evee will compensate renters for any loss suffered as a result of evee’s failure to inform you of the above.

  1. You can request a copy (without charge) of the terms and conditions of the Group Policy. To request a copy of the terms and conditions, please contact us at
  1. As a Group Purchasing Body, evee is under a legal obligation to establish a process which allows you to verify evee’s Group Policy details. Please call or email Nsure at if you wish to verify that the group policy remains current.

Trust and security matter, and we’re committed to building a community of car owners and renters who can be confident evee provides them with a safe and secure experience every time they use our platform.

Since we began operating in 2016, evee has worked hard to offer affordable electric car rental insurance to protect all users of our platform. evee is the only Australian car sharing platform that offers specialised car rental insurance for Tesla and other electric vehicles up to a market value of $150,000.

The policy is administered through Nsure Pty Ltd t/as Nsure General Insurance Advisors | CAR 329019 | ACN 125 953 273 Corporate Authorised Representative of National Adviser Services Pty Ltd t/as Community Broker Network | AFSL 233750 | ACN 096 916 184.

Click to access the Product Disclosure Statement, Target Market Determination and Financial Services Guide for the Group Policy.

Nsure may use various APRA approved insurance product providers to meet evee’s needs. evee is not a provider of financial services and does not act under an AFSL and shall not be held liable for any loss for claims arising from any financial services.

See our insurance disclosure statement here.