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Save on electricity with wholesale prices from Amber

Amber redefines your energy experience – access wholesale energy rates for a flat monthly subscription. Plus, evee users enjoy a $30 discount on their initial bill, enhancing your savings.

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About Amber

Amber combines the functions of an energy supplier with smart technology. For a nominal monthly fee, you can lower energy costs by adjusting your consumption to when the grid is rich in renewable sources.

Manage your energy smartly with the Amber SmartShift app

Amber’s wholesale pricing strategy unlocks substantial energy savings, allowing you to refill your battery with affordable, eco-friendly power. The Amber SmartShift app controls your solar and battery system, letting you decide whether to charge, export, or conserve energy.

Interested in home batteries or considering a purchase?

Altering your energy habits isn’t the sole method to economise and foster a renewable energy future in Australia. If you own or are contemplating a solar and battery system, Amber for Batteries can automate your setup to sync with wholesale prices, enhancing your earnings from exports and supporting a sustainable power grid.

Features & benefits

Harness the power of the Amber app

Monitor energy prices, renewable energy predictions, and your household consumption effortlessly.

Save more as the grid gets greener

Enjoy reduced costs when more renewables power the grid.

Amber’s revenue isn’t tied to your energy use

Amber’s income comes solely from a fixed subscription fee of $19/month, not your energy consumption.

Reasons to switch

  • Contrary to traditional energy providers raising their rates, Amber offers to decrease wholesale prices directly for its consumers.
  • No fixed-term contracts
  • Shift to Amber for cost-effective, green energy during off-peak times.
  • Greater oversight of your energy consumption with Amber’s app, featuring real-time wholesale pricing and 12-hour forecasts.
Switch to Amber

How to apply

Switching is straightforward – just apply online in minutes with your billing details and ID, and Amber will handle the transition with your current provider.

A 10-day cooling-off period allows you to revert to your old provider if needed.

  • 1. Sign up online through the Amber website or app
  • 2. Amber will get in touch with your existing provider to make the switch
  • 3. Enjoy a 10-day window in case you change your mind
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What the Amber app offers

Real-time wholesale rates and projections

Track the immediate wholesale rates, upcoming 12-hour price forecasts, and the percentage of renewable energy in the grid throughout the day.

Daily and monthly usage insights

Access and monitor your daily energy consumption with a 30-day summary in the app.

Detailed consumption analysis

Through Amber, you can receive daily breakdowns and comprehensive price and usage charts to compare your energy use against the average.

Things you should know

Learn more about Amber and its offerings.

For inquiries, visit our Contact Us page.

Amber’s sign-up process involves collecting your personal information per its Privacy Policy. Amber will become your service provider and manage all technical and service-related queries upon signing up.

Amber and evee have a strategic partnership agreement. Amber’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy should be reviewed before deciding on their services.