Pricing for Hosts


To cover our operational and marketing costs, we charge owners a fee calculated on the base rental rate of each confirmed booking.

Your payout is 65% of the rental revenue.

evee charges 0% commission on additional services, such as:

  • Delivery fees
  • Extra mileage
  • Late returns
  • Car accessories
  • Toll payments

Payout example:

Total paid by renter $1200
evee commission (35% ) -$420
Subtotal $780
Pick up and drop off fee $120
Total paid to you $900

To ensure a smooth rental process for our renters, we set “Owner Cancellation Fees”. These fees are waived for Owners who communicate the cancellation to evee support with enough time from the start of your booking to assist us in finding an alternative vehicle for the renter, or your vehicle is unexpectedly in an un-rentable condition.

  • If you do not communicate an owner-initiated booking cancellation to evee Support, the Owner Cancellation Fee is between $75 and $500, depending on the value of the booking and the time period when the reservation is cancelled
  • Your calendar stays blocked out for the date and time of the cancelled booking so you cannot accept another booking during that time
  • If you cancel more than five bookings in any rolling 12-month period, evee may suspend your account unless there are extenuating circumstances

Full details of our Cancellation policy and fees can be found in evee’s terms and conditions.

Pricing for Renters

Our pricing model is simple and straightforward. There are no booking fees, credit card surcharges or other hidden costs.

Rental rate Set by Owners
Booking fee $0
Payment surcharge $0
Service fee $0
Additional services

Owners can provide additional services such as:

Car delivery/pick up
Child seat rental
Rental of accessories

Extra charges

At the end of your rental, the Owner may request the following additional charges:

  • Late return fee
  • Additional mileage fee
  • Battery recharge fee
  • Toll payments
  • Cleaning fee
  • Damage and repair costs

All extra charges incur a card processing fee.


We value the time and effort it takes for vehicle owners to provide you with their vehicles. Cancellations may disrupt plans so we have the following cancellation fees:

If you cancel your booking:

  • More than 72 hours before the start of the Rental Period, you receive a full refund.
  • Between 72 hours and 48 hours before the start of the Rental Period, we charge 50% of the total fees plus any merchant banking/transaction fees. The remaining balance is refunded to you.
  • Less than 48 hours before the start of the Rental Period, you are not entitled to a refund.
Use an evee vehicle as an accident replacement car

Get in touch with evee when you need an accident replacement car for hire while yours is being repaired. We can supply a quote to send to your insurer for pre-approval. Once it is pre-approved, evee organises an accident replacement Tesla hire car. You then claim the cost through your insurer for reimbursement of the rental rate.