Private car rental in Sydney

If you are looking for a high-class, professional car hire company that serves the people of Sydney (NSW), look no further than us!

High-class, professional cars available for all locations in Sydney

If you are looking for a high-class, professional car hire company that serves the people of Sydney (NSW), look no further than us! Whether you require transportation to or from the Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport or you are new to the area, and you wish to sample some of the city’s most prominent landmarks, including Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House, our luxury car hire options are exactly what you are looking for.

Experience the future and drive sustainably with evee

What is a private car rental company?

A private car rental company is a business that involves renting out its range of vehicles to the public for arranged periods. Many people prefer this option to public transport as it provides privacy and comfort. Where we differ from other hire car Sydney services is that rather than owning a fleet of vehicles outright for rental purposes, we partner with hosts who will hire out their vehicles.

Why is evee the best place to rent a car?

There are plenty of reasons to choose evee as your rental provider in Sydney.

Cars from $120 a day

The cost to hire Sydney car rentals can be expensive, but at evee we do everything we can to ensure we provide car hire deals at highly competitive prices that cater to all budgets. With cars starting at just $120 a day, our car hires don’t need to add too much to the budget for your trip.

A wide range of vehicles

Electric vehicle use is on the rise across the Sydney region. This increase in popularity means that there’s always plenty of electric vehicle types available through evee. You’ll find something to suit your needs and purposes on arrival in Sydney.

Full coverage

Tackling the Sydney roads can be an intimidating experience for newcomers. Enjoy a little peace of mind knowing your electric car rental agreement comes with full coverage, including roadside assistance and optional excess reduction.


For your convenience, you have a range of delivery options available to you for your car. You can choose a specific Sydney location for delivery, or you can opt to pick it up directly from the owners – whichever suits your plans!

Multiple locations

As well as Sydney car hires, we also provide our service for other major Australian locations, including Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Tasmania, Hobart, and Darwin.

A personal touch

At evee, we want to put you in touch with the vehicle owner in case you have any questions about the vehicle. This provides you with a personal touch to your rental experience.

Support the environment

Not only are our cars high-quality, modern, and affordable, but they also represent a much greener option than standard rental cars. In opting for evee, you are supporting electric vehicle ownership and contributing toward a more sustainable future for the Australian car market.

What types of cars can be rented on evee?

At evee, we’re proud of our industry-leading status as the best electric car-sharing platform. Whichever city you’re travelling to in Australia, you can benefit from the largest electric car fleet available. From the latest Teslas to more functional Hyundais, if it’s available on the Australian electric car market, you’ll find it available to rent on evee.

So, whether you need a luxury SUV or a sports coupe, you’ll find what you need to suit your trip type on evee.

In addition, we are currently the only car-sharing platform that facilitates rental insurance for electric vehicles up to $150k of their market value – so you can rent with us for peace of mind.

How can I find a rental car near me?

Finding an electric car rental near you is a straightforward process with evee. Our search function utilises intuitive filters to let you search for cars by make, model, price, and other categories to find the exact car to meet the needs of your trip.

If you are hoping to pick up your car near your location, our interactive maps can highlight the nearest cars to you, making for a quick, convenient pick-up experience.

Frequently asked questions

You may still have questions about electric car rental in Sydney. Check out the FAQs below to see if your query is answered. If we haven’t answered your query, reach out to us with your specific question.

Do you serve all parts of Sydney?

Yes. We have cars available for all locations in Sydney, including North Sydney, West Sydney, Kings Cross, Harris Street, and East Sydney.

We can also arrange for your rental vehicle to be ready when you arrive at Sydney Airport, so you won’t have to worry about arranging public transportation into the city.

Can I message a host before completing the booking?

Yes. It is possible to message a potential host before completing a booking. This is to allow you to ask them any questions in case you have any queries so that you can be fully reassured of what you are purchasing. This can be done through evee’s internal messaging system.

How do you select your vehicles?

All of our hosts are required to register their vehicle details with us. Hosts are not permitted to advertise their vehicles until they have been set up with our insurance obligations. As part of the registration process, hosts must provide their vehicle’s number plate and are offered the chance to upload clear photographs for us to examine.

How do I organise a pickup location?

Once the booking is in place, you can liaise directly with the host to arrange an exact pickup location, time, and date. We will share full contact details between the parties once the booking has been finalised.

Do I need to register an account to hire a vehicle?

Yes, we require you to register for all bookings, but thankfully the registration process is quick and simple. Sign up with your name, date of birth, and driver’s license number to put things in motion. You will need to upload a photo of yourself to verify your identity using Stripe identification.

You can browse our car rental selection in Sydney to determine electric car hire availability before registering with us.

Are there any additional fees that I need to be aware of?

We try to make our entire booking process as simple as possible. There are no booking fees, credit card surcharges, or any other hidden fees charged as part of the booking. Rental insurance amounts are already factored into the amounts that the hosts advertise.

There are circumstances where you may incur additional costs separate from the booking fee. Circumstances include exceeding the distance paid for, tollway and Supercharger costs, or if the vehicle is returned poorly.