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If you’re looking for an electric car near you, we offer car hire across all Australia.

  • Easy booking process
  • No joining fees
  • Electric vehicles and the latest Tesla models
  • Cost-effective daily rate
  • Roadside assistance and damage cover

What is peer-to-peer car rental?

evee’s peer-to-peer car rentals mean you can get a taste of what it feels like to drive electric. Peer-to-peer rental cars are when private car owners list their EVs on evee for others to use when they are not using them. As a car owner, it’s an excellent way to earn extra cash and help someone who needs a car. As a renter, it’s a chance to drive in style.

evee makes it easy and safe to rent private cars. We have hundreds of electric vehicles in Australia’s most popular cities. We’ve got your back, whether you want to drive from Sydney to Canberra or opt for a luxurious airport car hire.

To rent your car, all you need is a credit card, a driver’s licence, and a driver aged 25 or older. Our system manages end to end payments and minor damage cover to ensure your short-term rental is stress-free. Before you know it, you could be driving the latest Tesla model through Sydney’s CBD.

Finding the best deal for your private car rental

We understand the importance of flexibility when sourcing a convenient transport solution. Whether you’re waiting for your car to return from the garage, need a Sydney airport transfer, or want to test out an electric hire car before committing, we’ve got options available to suit you.

Our private car rentals are hassle-free and won’t break your budget. Our Hosts are helpful, welcoming, and accommodating. Never driven an EV before? Our Hosts will introduce you to some of the best cars and help you drive off with confidence.

It’s easy to find car hire quotes. Browse our map to find a local car hire in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, or Brisbane. We specialise in EVs and Teslas; find your luxurious cars for rent at a cost-effective price today.

Why drive an electric vehicle?

Electric vehicles are the future of transport. Get a taste of what EVs offer with our wide range of private hire Teslas. With an EV, you’ll say goodbye to the days of paying nearly $100 for one tank of petrol. You won’t need to maintain your car so often.

EVs can go the distance. They might have the stereotype of running out of batteries one hour into your journey, but today’s EVs are just as good, if not preferable, to traditional engines. Enjoyable to drive, eco-friendly, and affordable to run – who wouldn’t want to try the best models on the EV market?

Renting an EV for a day or more is easy. We’ll match you with the perfect car and host for your transport needs.

Why list your Tesla or other EV on evee?

Why should you sign your precious Tesla/EV up to a car hire company? There’s no point in letting your vehicle sit outside your house for days or weeks. Sharing your vehicle with others in the surrounding suburbs is an excellent way to earn extra cash and help those in need.

You’re free to set your rate; we’ll offer a recommendation, but the amount you charge is up to you. In addition, there are no subscription fees or membership. If no one hires your car, don’t worry; you won’t lose any money.

Private car hire in Australia’s top cities

Whether you are looking for vehicle rental for business, leisure, or the pure enjoyment of driving a Tesla down Australia’s most scenic roads, we’ll help you find the ideal cheap car hire. Our Hosts offer car hire in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, and Hobart.

From signing up to driving away, your journey with us will be as simple as ever. Please take a look at our range of cars available. Begin chatting to one of our Hosts and prepare for the ride of your dreams.

All our vehicles are top of the range EVs. We’ve got a range of cheap car rental options for you; whether you fancy a Tesla Model 3 or a 2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5, we’ve got a range of cheap car rental options.

The benefits of private car hire with evee

Look no further for your car-sharing opportunities.

  • All our vehicles have state-of-the-art amenities and safety measures.
  • Range of the latest EVs and Tesla models.
  • 24/7 customer support and roadside assistance.
  • Unlimited kilometres at no extra cost to your days’ rental.
  • Simple, straightforward booking process.

Are you interested in hiring a Tesla or EV for the day? Send a booking request to one of our Hosts today.