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For some years now, it’s not been all that common to drive past an electric car on Australian roads. In the past 10 years, only 20,000 EVs (including plug-in hybrids) have been sold in the country, which is a tiny proportion of its more than 25 million-strong population. However, in this decade, that’s all starting to change.

There is currently a wide range of models available to electric car drivers in Australia, with around 15 on offer at the moment. That number is set to rise by about 50% in the coming months, with 2021 bringing about a real boom in the market.

However, more models don’t necessarily mean more uptake. To get people on board with the electric revolution, people need a chance to try before they buy. Renting a car for a couple of days is the ideal way to do exactly that.

What cars are available to rent from evee?

Here are just some of the cars you could rent through evee and how well they compete with similar vehicles available through popular car rental services.

Tesla Model 3

There’s no denying that Teslas are among the most coveted cars on the EV market today. So, let’s take a look at a Tesla Model 3 as an example of a car you could rent.

Through evee, renting one of these high-tech, high-spec cars can cost as little as $181 a day, insurance included. For that money, renters can experience the car’s excellent driving range, rapid acceleration, and numerous futuristic features for themselves. It’s sure to help any prospective buyer make up their mind, and all at an excellent price.

By comparison, if you went to a standard rental site, you could rent one of several other cars. From Budget Australia, for example, you could get a Toyota Corolla for a day, but it’ll cost you $246.96.

While all three are good cars, the Tesla can offer a much newer, more exciting experience to those that have never driven one. And, all for the most competitive price.

Why choose Tesla?

There are other reasons to opt for a Tesla, especially if you’re renting a car as a means of trying out some potential new wheels. It’s a great EV for anyone who is concerned about the environment but doesn’t want to compromise the quality of their daily driving experience.

With its whisper-quiet engine, it can get to 100km/h in around 3.5 seconds. You might worry that making use of that amount of power might drain the EV’s battery. However, a Model 3 is still likely to make it up to 550km on a single charge with the help of its regenerative braking system, even when a faster driver is behind the wheel.

Even with all of that speed, it still manages to be one of the best cars there is for the environment. Producing no tailpipe emissions whatsoever and with a large battery that only requires filling after long drives, the Tesla Model 3 is a fantastically fun option for eco-conscious drivers. So, why not try it out for yourself?  

Audi E-Tron

If you were in the market for an SUV rather than a sedan, you could look into renting out an Audi E-Tron from evee instead. This sleek, well-kitted-out EV is a dream for drivers that want luxury and the sort of easy handling that comes from all-wheel drive. Through evee, such a car would cost you around $349 a day.

Once again looking at Budget Australia, it would appear you can rent a similar SUV for a similar price, but one that is lower spec and far less revered by car lovers and renters. The Nissan X-Trail, for example, would cost $337 per day. But, while this is a slightly better price, remember that charging an electric car is much cheaper (or sometimes free) than buying petrol, so in the long run, the X-Trail is a worse deal.

If you’re interested in renting an EV before taking the plunge and buying one yourself, you can find a wide range on offer via our site.

Prospective first-time buyers can enjoy competitive rates on even the newest and most in-demand EVs. By comparison, prices for standard vehicles on more traditional car rental websites very often tend to sit at the higher end of people’s price ranges.

Why renting a car before you buy is advantageous?

When you rent a car that you want to buy, you get a genuine glimpse into what ownership would be like. It’s not like a test drive during which you can constantly feel the clock ticking. With a rental, you can go about your day as you normally would, and see how your new wheels might fit into it, test different charging options and experience a long-distance road trip

It’s a great way to ensure that you go into a big and important purchase with both eyes open. Because, let’s face it, even though electric cars are great investments and require minimal running costs, they can be expensive upfront.

What are the benefits for first-time buyers?

The initial cost of an electric car can be a particularly big sticking point for first-time buyers. And, since the technology isn’t quite yet mainstream, people are likely to feel more confident staying with what they know.

But, the technological innovations that come with an electric car don’t have to feel like total mysteries. By opting to rent one out, people who have never before bought an electric car can get excited about all that EVs have to offer and, ultimately, feel more confident in how they’re spending their money.

Shared services vs traditional car rental

Chances are, you’ll have rented a car through a traditional car rental service in the past, perhaps when going on holiday or taking a business trip outside your home state. However, the cost of doing so is very often unnecessarily high and the process you have to go through can be pointlessly long winded.

What many people don’t yet know is that there is another way to rent out an electric car. With dedicated EV sharing services, renters can browse through lists of cars that have been made available by their owners. It is generally a cheaper, quicker, and more laidback experience from start to finish. You also get to speak with the vehicle’s owner directly and ask detailed questions about the very specific model you’re renting.

What are the pros of shared services?

Listing and renting electric cars on evee is easy. Not to mention the fact that there’s a more personal touch, with the ability to make bookings directly with the owner, organise a pick-up place and time that suits you both, and rate the service you receive.

It might sound like a less secure way of doing things. But, actually, with the best insurance in the game, your rental experience is as safe as it can be, in terms of both accidental damage and pricing. Damage liability of $3,000 for a Tesla Model 3, for example, is lower than that of a Toyota Corolla via Budget – $4,608. And, speaking of pricing, we set optional pricing guidelines for owners, which helps to ensure that the vast majority of listings are low-cost.

Why rent a car in Australia?

Anyone looking to buy a new car would benefit from renting one out for at least a day. Test drives are just a teaser. With a short-term rental, you can get a real feel for how much you enjoy the car and how practical it is in your day-to-day life.

So, if you’re hoping to rent some wheels out, why not go for something that you’ve never driven before? Not only will testing out an EV help to open your eyes to what you think you might want, but it will also get you one step closer to driving the cars of the future.