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Make your listing stand out

Your listing description should include all key information, have a personal tone and include all expectations eg. if you expect the car to be brought back with a certain battery level or to be cleaned when returned.


Photos are extremely important in creating a successful listing, as they entice and excite customers to browse your page and book your car. A variety of shots is preferable, for example different angles and perspectives, inside and outside the car, the car at a scenic location and someone driving the car. You are allowed up to 12 photos.

If you’d like to have your car professionally photographed, we can connect you with a local photographer – email


Data from our bookings to date indicates that Hosts who list their cars at $200 or under per day receive more booking days on average than more expensive listings.

When first listing your car, it is advised to set your price lower than the standard price you have in mind, in order to entice your first customers to rent and review your car – as good reviews are extremely important in making your listing stand out from the crowd.

Update your car’s availability

Ensure the availability of your car is regularly updated to avoid having to cancel or reject booking requests from renters. Please note if you reject a booking or a booking request expires twice in a row, your listing will be hidden until further notice. To activate your listing again, email .

Make the handover experience memorable

Being an evee Host requires you to provide excellent customer service, because at the end of the day, you’re the one who will be liaising with the renter about where to pick up the car, how to drive and charge it as well as provide any general advice. Showing the renter the ropes and quirky features of the car goes a long way in making the experience memorable.

Reasons why people rent a car on evee:

  • To try out an EV
  • To drive more sustainably
  • For use on a holiday
  • For work/business
  • For fun/ a special occasion

Types of questions renters ask of Hosts:

  • How long is the battery range?
  • How do I figure out where the nearest charging station is?
  • How do I work the autopilot and other features of the car?
  • How do I charge the car?

The handover process occurs when the car is picked up and dropped off by the renter. We recommend being there yourself or having someone on your behalf to handle the handover, because at evee we like to give renters a more personal experience.

Please note: We do not recommend remote pick up and drop offs as it makes it harder to determine who is responsible for damages.

Good handover routine:

  • Inspect the car for any damages (excl. fair wear and tear)
  • Take clear photos of the different sections of the car and make notes of any existing damages (both you and the renter)
  • Fill out evee’s handover checklist. This form will assist in any disputes that may arise.
  • Check the renter’s ID to make sure they are of age and who booked the car.

Ensure the car is clean

When handing over your car to the renter, ensure both the inside and outside is clean – as this is a requirement for all evee vehicles.

Get rid of any clutter or rubbish inside the car, vacuum the floors and seats, check the centre console and steering wheel is free of marks, fingerprints etc and wash the exterior with warm soapy water.

Grab an evee sticker

We know EVs turn heads, so do you want to turn everyone who looks at your car into a potential customer? Register for a free evee sticker!

The stickers are to be put on the back window of your car/s and they read ‘Rent me on’.

Please complete the form with your address details and we will mail them to you ASAP.

Connect with other Hosts

Join the evee Hosts Facebook group to keep up to date about matters relating to being an evee Host. You can also use the group as a way to connect with other Hosts and provide any feedback, ideas, tips and general comments you may have about the platform.

Sign up for free access to Teslascope

evee has partnered with Teslascope to offer all evee Tesla Hosts a complimentary annual membership.

Teslascope offers a suite of vehicle tracking, logging and data features as well as easy-to-use tools. Joining Teslascope as an evee Host is entirely optional – however we recognise the need to support hosts during their rentals to monitor rental behaviour.

If you’re interested in signing up to Teslascope, please fill out this form so we can send you a promo code.